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The Puzzle

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My name is Roland Southfield. I used to work for a government agency that was known for its secret activities and upholding the law of the land. But like I said… it was a government agency… full of the usual bureaucracy and politics. I was so tired of the BS I was nearly ready to move on, but they did me a favor. They fired me.

Although no one would admit it, the reason was probably the Bay of Pigs outcome. That was my first joint assignment with Alan Marshall. Everyone on the inside was pretty disappointed I took the hit for the failure and Alan was able to keep his job. The good news is, they gave me a severance package.

I love this country but I am sickened by the way that the current administration has chosen to deal with the affairs of State. At the center of this less than satisfactory situation is the President himself and those whom he has chosen to surround himself with for guidance and counsel. Even though I no longer hold a recognized position of responsibility, I am able to move within the current government boundaries in my own way and of those who sponsor me. My job is to make a key difference in preserving the sovereignty of the country. This group of sponsors is simply known as the Patriots.

As you might expect, there is a girl involved. Her name is Sharon Ames. Our relationship today is miles ahead of where it had been during a prior time. Sharon has been strategically situated as a staff member within the organization that is supplying guidance and counsel to the President. That company is Avant America.

To a great extent, this guidance comes from Andrew Bonaparte who is the president of Avant. Yes, he is a descendant of the other famous Bonaparte... Napoleon.

There is a rogue organization identified as the Dozen. The Dozen represent twelve very wealthy individuals who have had the good fortune to be sitting on the largest oil resources known to exist on this planet.

At the present time, the President has been hospitalized with an as yet unidentified, debilitating illness that affected him just after the inauguration ceremony associated with his re-election for a second term. Initial suspicions that the source of the illness had been delivered by Pope Andrew of Rome during his interaction with the President, were shown to be unfounded, but the inquiries by the CIA and others were very clumsy and put a strain on the relationship between the US government and the Vatican.

After stumbling through their investigation, there had been some inquiries from within the government as to whether another possible cause of the President's condition may have been due to some activities orchestrated by someone such as myself. Of course none of these suspicions were substantiated and the mystery illness continued.

During this wait and see period, a daily vigil was being conducted at the President's bedside by Andrew Bonaparte, while the affairs of State were being administered by Don Hudson, the Vice President. He is generally conceded to be one of the good guys but his activities are somewhat limited to the role of caretaker. This is largely due to the uncertain timing of the President's future health. According to his doctors, it was not outside the realm of possibility that Jim Hernandez, the President, could sit up in bed at any time and be perfectly lucid with no recollection of his past and current ordeal. In the meantime, I am continuing to watch the store, so to speak, from a distance, and continue to take whatever actions I and the Patriots might deem necessary to keep the ship of state in safe waters and away from any possible threat from the Dozen.

My activities are supplemented with funding from the Patriots and the judicious use of other government assets such as one of their Gulfstream aircraft. The single largest item, and carrot, being dangled in front of the Dozen, is the return of their financial asset that was lost during a Patriot activity in Costa Rica. Andrew Bonaparte's predecessor, Eric Andros, was shot by a liberated sniper, Tommy Bartlett, at a group meeting of the Dozen at the same time that the $37 billion was electronically snatched from under the noses of the Dozen.

Patience within the Dozen's organization is wearing paper thin with each broken promise by Andrew Bonaparte for recovery of the $37 billion. A key activity to resolve organizational unrest within the Dozen is coming. A few eggs are expected to be broken, but what will be the final outcome? Sit back and enjoy your reading of "The Puzzle."

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Extra Innings

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What's this book about? The short answer is that it is about Bull Durham and the Godfather joining to play some golf with Tin Cup.

At one time or another, you've probably heard expressions like "You're a product of your environment," "More is better," and "Timing is everything."

Extra Innings is the story of Bobby Winston and Pep Woodson. It chronicles their youth and the influence of their environment on their lives and careers in Major League Baseball (Bobby) and the aerospace industry (Pep).

Each of them enjoyed enough success in their individual careers to enable them to retire comfortably, but it seemed that they were a step ahead of the boom times in each industry.

Bobby and Pep meet in retirement and work together at a golf course, where their interests in golf are focused. It doesn't take long for them to exchange stories of their past and recognize the similarities in their lives. The compensation landscape changes around them in some of the same ways. An opportunity for each of them to get a second bite of the apple arises when they join forces.

Excerpt from Extra Innings
Chapter 26: Judgment Day

It was a relief when the actual playing of the qualifier arrived. The practice qualifier rounds went the same as the previous practices for the Glenwood team, except that they were already paid for as part of the entry fee. Bobby was as well prepared as he could possibly be. Pep also took the opportunity to recheck the map of the course for key yardage landmarks, along with the slopes and breaks on the greens that he had noted during practice rounds.

The tournament practice round scores were posted on the scoreboard adjacent to the first tee of the International course. Bobby was in the top five, with a two-day score of -4 (69/71). This score was hard to use as a gauge against the other golfers, however, since most of them were hitting multiple shots in different situations that they expected might arise on the actual days of the qualifying tournament. The bases of the scores they reported were anybody's guess. It did give Bobby a needed boost, though, since he could see comparatives scores from the other contestants, as opposed to Cheerleader Pep filling his head with prejudiced encouragement.

It took about an hour to get to Champions Gate from Gary-Ville, and the boys decided to stay at home Wednesday night rather than get hotel accommodations close to the course. Their scheduled tee time was 9:32, and they planned to leave at 6:45 am, which would leave enough headroom in case of heavy traffic. They were there at 8:00 am. It was too early, but better than late. Bobby was grumbling about getting up in the middle of the night to get there, but that was a good sign—he was ready for combat.

When they got their materials for the qualifier, they learned that the course to be used Thursday and Friday was the International. Apparently, there was some unexpected maintenance to be performed during the tournament days on the National course.

Neither Bobby nor Pep had any ideas about which course was more favorable. They had checked them both out. The International might help Bobby to run a couple of second shots up onto the green on some of the longer par 5's, but that was about it.

By 8:30, the press of the day got to both Bobby and Pep, and they headed over to the driving range. Pep kept a close eye on the clock, and at 9:00, he told Bobby it was time to get to the putting green. Pep had taken a few practice putts himself when they first arrived and concluded that the greens were running around 11 on the stimp. The 9:24 group was headed down the first fairway, and promptly at 9:31, the starter began his dialogue to introduce the first member of Bobby's foursome. At 9:32, his shot was on the way.

Bobby was introduced last, and Pep could well guess why. The starter had to get a word in about Bobby's baseball career. It was good for the sponsor, so why should Bobby object? It also appeared that the gallery following Bobby's group was larger than any of the previous ones.

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Born of Necessity

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The architect of this strategy, whom they had placed their trust and monetary support in, was Eric Andros. He of the desire and goal to become the richest and most powerful man in the world. Unfortunately Eric had underestimated the resolve of the American public personified by the New Wave Patriots and he became a casualty of the war plan he had conceived and led through its earliest stages.

So now what to do? The financial backing and desire to see the plan through to a positive conclusion was every bit as strong for the "Dozen" but who would become the leader for achieving their uncompleted cause? Those of Eric's closest associates were still intact and well versed in the tactics that had taken them this far. But who had the passion and desire to go forward with the implementation of this most ambitious agenda?

In addition to the gap in its leadership, this group of modern day opportunists had many other questions to answer if their reorganization of resources was to have any chance of success. Would they be doomed to suffer the same rebuke by the American ingenuity that had been the rallying cry of the country since the days of the Boston Tea party? In no manner of priority, the questions at or near the top of the list included "who and how was anyone able to get close enough to Eric to neutralize him?" Right on the heels of that question was "where did the "war chest" of $37billion disappear to?" And finally but by no means last, "who would be the leader of these pirates of democracy as they renewed their resolve to bring capitalism to its knees?"

The "Dozen" were not the only ones with many questions to answer. The New wave Patriots were now financially in a position to go forward with their own agenda for renewing the strength of democratic ideals that had been attacked by its enemies. Who would be their leader for implementing the plan to achieve their lofty ideals and what would be their tactics to keep the Dozen at bay as they launched this counteroffensive?

Difficult times demand tough choices and much sacrifice on the part of those who would wear the mantle of leadership. Come along on the journey traveled by "Born of Necessity" as these two counteracting forces seek to establish a new tomorrow for America.

Excerpt from Born of Necessity

The building was dark except for the light in Eric Andros' office. It was nearing 10 pm and the staff had been gone for hours… except for the two men sharing a glass of wine.
"Well, Eric, you did it."
"No, Raul… we did it. I could never have done it with out you."
"Perhaps. But selecting Jim Hernandez to be the President was brilliant."

Eric smiled. Yes, his selection of Congressman Hernandez was a very good idea. Getting a relatively unknown man elected President of the United States was easy… if one had enough money, and the Dozen had provided that. Now, they had their Socialistic Puppet in place. Now, they could implement the blueprint of the future, designed to destroy the ideals of Democracy that were once the fundamental foundation of what made America great. Eric Andros and Raul Aboudi had met in college and immediately become the closest of friends. Raul's father was an oil wildcatter with ties to one of the many royal families in the Arabian Desert. Eric had always dreamed of being the richest man in the world and Raul, although sometimes skeptical, agreed to help him attain his goal. Together they were a formidable, tactical team.

"Well, here's to controlling the world," Raul stated, raising his glass in a toast.
"Here, here, my friend." The two sipped their wine. "I wish Andrew was here to join us," Eric mused.
"Oh, yes… Mr. Bonaparte. He certainly played a key part in the plan. You know, he really is a descendent of Napoleon."
"Yes, I know. To change the subject, I have set up a meeting with the Dozen for next month."
"Costa Rica."
"That should be a safe place."

Twelve of the most powerful and wealthiest men of the world, referred to as the Dozen, had been recruited by Eric and Raul to fund the presidential election of Hernandez. The return on their investment was simple… through Eric's guidance; they would control the United States Government. However, there were others who had a different plan.

Roland Southfield was keenly aware of Eric Andros and his accomplishments of late. A former key player of the United States counterinsurgency efforts in Southeast Asia, Roland was not about to sit still and let Eric take over the US and the rest of the world. Even though he had been ceremoniously dismissed and separated from action, everyone involved knew he was simply the scapegoat the US government needed at the time. However, his reputation did not go unnoticed by a powerful contingency calling themselves the New Wave Patriots who recruited him to be the master strategist of their efforts to counter the results of Eric's Dozen.

"Alan, we need to talk," Roland announced as soon as the phone was picked up.
"Ah, Mr. Southfield of the famous Patriots. What do you want now and how much is it going to cost me?"
"Funny. Come see me. I have an idea… a plan conceived in liberty."
"Sounds like the title of a book to me. I can be in your office in an hour."
"Good. See you then."

Alan Marshall was from the fraternity of "spooks" that come and go where most sane individuals fear to tread. One could only guess at the source of funding for his activities and at this stage of events, no one was asking. He had the ability to reach out and touch resources no longer available to Roland. One of those resources was a woman by the name of Penny Morrison. No one was sure if that was her real name, but her claim to fame was her ability to conceptualize tactical missions that were both simple and extremely successful.

For the Patriots, the initial assessment of the situation was very clear. All roads lead to Eric and it didn't take anyone with an advanced degree to determine that his removal from the picture was the first and most important individual step. The plan was to eliminate Eric at the earliest possible time. Alan was prompt and 60 minutes later, he knocked on Roland's door.

"Okay, what's up?"
"Eric's going to be in Costa Rica giving a progress report to the Dozen next month. Get a hold of Penny and have her figure out the best way to take him out."
"Penny? What about me? I'm just as good as she is!"
"Yeah, right."
"I'll call her today. Give me the details."

Another casualty of the war in Southeast Asia had been Tommy Bartlett, a sniper with the ability to shoot bugs out of the air at great distances. He was currently a guest of the prison system in Florence Colorado because he had reportedly shot the wrong target during the war. Tommy was understandably bitter when approached by Roland to take on a new assignment. The lure of $10 million and a possible pardon got his attention and he began a skill restoration program to be utilized during the meeting of the Dozen in Costa Rica. He was to kill Eric Andros. The last remaining piece of the puzzle was the insertion/extraction phase of the mission. Penny identified the last key player of the mission right out of central casting. His name was Milo Argyros. Milo had a successful advertising business whereby he flew his bi-plane over the various sporting venues in the San Francisco bay area. Milo was forced out of the advertizing business when the crazies flew into the World Trade Center and was now dusting crops in the central valley of California. After an impressive audition demonstration for Roland and Alan, Milo was on the team and would fly Tommy into and out of Costa Rica without attracting any abnormal attention to their presence or purpose since they would be dusting crops up until the day of the assassination. The key though was for Milo to be able to land the biplane on a US aircraft carrier cruising approximately 100 miles off the coast of Costa Rica.

Tommy wiped the sweat from his brow and raised the rifle into position. He focused the scope on the figure addressing the group of suits nearly a half mile away. The crosshairs moved a bit until the head of Eric Andros was clearly in the center. So slowly, Tommy squeezed the trigger until the gun jerked. The silencer kept the sound of the shot at a minimum. Tommy kept the scope on the target, knowing it would take a second or two for the bullet to travel the distance. Suddenly, the shape of Eric's head change drastically, blown apart by the force. Eric was dead even before his body crumpled in a heap. "Aha… still got it, don't you boy!" Mission completed. Alan dialed the number and Roland answered on the first ring.
"Andros is dead."
"Good. The boys get out of Costa Rica okay?"
"They're on the ship."
"Give Penny my best. She has done it again."
"I will. Where do we go from here?"
"Well, the first half of my plan, as I said, was conceived in liberty. If there is a conception, then there must be a birth. A birth born of necessity."

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Conceived in Liberty

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Conceived in Liberty Synopsis

Dreams of the future are generally for all ages. Eric Andros is the young son of a German fisherman who covets the power and riches to be had from life in the fast lane. Numbers always came easy to him and in the fertile environment of University life he is able to learn and test many of his theories about the path to becoming the richest and most powerful man in the world.

He befriends his classmate from the University of Hamburg, Raul Aboudi, and together they maintain a close relationship even after graduation. Eric goes on to a position at the Bank of Frankfurt and Raul takes a position at Brown University in the World History studies program.

Eric continues to apply his theories of leveraging financial manipulations and begins to amass a position of some substance. He begins to formulate a future plan for financial domination at the expense of the capitalistic systems in effect in the United States. Additional partners from around the world seek to associate with Eric as he plays upon the human frailties of the country's leaders including the man sponsored by Eric and his associates, the President himself. This clandestinely organized group maintains a common hatred for America and would like nothing less than to see it buried under its own greed and corruption.

The puppet President is merely a figurehead for the financial cabal maintained by Eric. However, a patriotic group from across the business avenues of the United States has begun to organize in response to their fears of what they see taking place. The common opinion is that the presence and influence of Eric must be destroyed and they organize under the leadership of Roland Southfield to remove the President from office as he seeks a second term.

Southfield himself has had his own share of political problems and is anathema in many circles in the Washington area as a result of prior relations with the contras. None the less, the common wisdom is that he has all of the prior experience and less than savory affiliations to destroy the influential sway of Eric.

Southfield is able to create his own plan for the elimination of Andros and enlists assistance from a number of unlikely players-all with critical parts to play. The journey is much more important than the final destination as Southfield marshals his resources to accomplish what otherwise was beyond the boundaries of non-treasonous activities. The multiple journeys of "Conceived in Liberty" can best be summarized by the following:

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly unite in high table stakes Patriot Games where the prize is the preservation of American Sovereignty.

Conceived in Liberty
Chapter 1

Tommy Bartlett slept soundly Tuesday night. Given the events that were expected to occur on the new day, this was a tribute to his prior, related experiences in Southeast Asia and the supreme confidence he had in his ability to successfully carry out his mission. Milo was also up and about and greeted the new day with his own brand of enthusiasm.

"How was your night, Milo?"

With Milo, there was no in-between and almost always he leaned toward the high ground. While waiting for Tommy to awaken, Milo had started the coffee pot but he would be the only drinker. He knew not to mess with Tommy's delicate balance when the stakes were as high today as he could ever remember during their previous time together. Tommy needed to be in complete control of his nerves and motor skills.

The sun had risen at least two hours earlier and by the time of the mission, it would be boiling down on the countryside where all would take place. The conditions were perfect.

"Want to go over the time line again?"
"I don't think so, Milo. We have everything thought out as well as can be expected and we are on the same page. I don't want to wear it out."
"That's what I thought, but I wanted to hear it from you."

These two soldiers of fortune had been together for several weeks now and in that time they developed a healthy respect for their individual talents. By the end of this day, they planned to be on the carrier celebrating a successful mission and with it a substantial increase in their individual bank accounts for services rendered.

The Aircraft Carrier USS John F. Kennedy (CV-67) Under Way

In Tommy's case, there would be the added bonus of freedom and the return to as normal a life as one with his particular skill set could expect.

Both men finished what their breakfast routines had become and they began the task of preparing the bi-plane with a full load of insecticide. Milo was scheduled to spray crops today about twenty miles to the northwest of their base camp. They had been in the area spraying long enough that they blended in with the natural panorama. Just a two-man crop dusting team. Today would be no exception but Tommy would be replaced by a life sized dummy in the front cockpit seat. There was no reason to call attention to any differences in the picture that the locals had become accustomed to seeing.

With the plane loaded and prepped to go, Tommy turned his attention to loading their Land Rover with the tools of his trade. These were a shovel and carrying case that held his M24 adapted assault rifle. During the war in Southeast Asia this had evolved as Tommy's weapon of choice whenever the mission was a political assassination. Tommy also took the opportunity for one last look at the photographs of today's assignment. This would not be a repeat of the Cambodian debacle that had haunted him for the last 7 years.

At 11am, both partners went their separate ways. Milo and the dummy were off to spray the crops and Tommy was headed some five miles to the south in the Land Rover. He would take up a position at the crest of a ridge that overlooked the neighboring town and the stand-alone conference center.

Having arrived at the selected site, Tommy parked in a secluded spot and covered the vehicle with foliated branches. The conference center lay approximately three-quarters of a mile beyond his vantage point.

He made his way up the crest with the shovel and the rifle in its carrying case. He was also wearing a side arm as an insurance policy against any interruptions by an unexpected visitor. Both weapons were outfitted with silencers.

During the time of their preparations and habitation of the general area, the vantage point that had been selected was influenced by the need for a manageable but remote line of sight to the conference center.

Tommy continued his preparations and dug a shallow grave big enough to hold the rifle and its carrying case. The soil at the site was sandy and the grave took only ten minutes to prepare. He removed the components of the carrying case and, after assembly, placed the rifle in the desired position for firing at a target in the courtyard. He covered the extremities of the rifle with lamp black to guard against any reflections that might signal an unwanted alarm to someone at the target sight or anywhere in between.

University of Hamburg

Periodically, he glanced at his watch to check his status against the straw man timetable he had prepared. It was 11:20am and he was ready. The most difficult part of the mission was now in process---the wait.

The intelligence source for today's mission had said that the target would be accessible beginning at approximately 11:30am. It would then be up to Tommy to pick the first, best, positional option to complete his contract.

Shortly after noon, activity began to stir in the courtyard. It was a member of the Villa Ortega staff who appeared to be checking that all arrangements had been completed and was in accordance with prior discussions. The tables for the luncheon had been arranged in semi-circular fashion in front of and in close proximity to the head table that was positioned as a dais for the lecture portion of the meeting that was to take place during and after lunch. These arrangements and seating plan had been made by the intelligence source. They had done their part well.

The attendees began to wander in from the morning meetings and quickly took their places at the tables where they had been assigned. The last group to arrive was those seated at the head table and the catering began shortly thereafter. Tommy took this opportunity to scan the attendees and was quick to spot the target that was just to the right of the microphones.

According to the reports they had received from the source, it was commonplace for the target to wait for the luncheon to begin to address strategic activities that were planned for the future of the group.

While Tommy had an opportunity for his shot during the early phases of the luncheon, he concluded that an even better vantage point might be accorded when the target came to the microphones to make his strategic issues address. The wait was short lived as the target took the opportunity to deliver his comments during the natural service gap between the first and second courses.

Tommy sensed the moment was rapidly approaching and began a breathing routine that placed him in a nearly catatonic state whenever he executed one of these contracts. The routine served to relax him and virtually eliminate any energy spikes from interfering with the execution of a smooth shot. He was ready to go. Ironically, the speaker/target was instrumental in his own demise. His speech was delivered in a manner where he characteristically spoke in a calculated fashion. His comments were punctuated by several pauses to give his audience ample time to reflect on his statements and to lavish him with corresponding applause and agreement.

Tommy seized his opportunity and made short and effective work of his assignment. Even from his remote location, he could see that the shot had found its mark and chaos reigned supreme. Now was not the time to revel in his success. He began to tidy up and get back to the airfield for the culmination of the mission.

With rapid and measured movements, Tommy wiped the rifle clean and laid it back into its carrying case. The case was placed in the shallow grave and covered with shovelfuls of dirt. Next came the burial of the shovel and after several more handfuls of dirt the grave was filled. A fallen tree branch served as a rake to disguise the newness of the dig site.

Tommy moved quickly down the ridge to the Rover and within seconds was on his way back to the airfield. Milo was waiting as planned and Tommy answered his inquisitive look with a thumbs up signal. Milo had refueled the bi-plane for the last leg of their journey. The dummy was wedged to the side of the front cockpit to make room for Tommy. It would soon receive its burial at sea.

Once airborne, Milo turned the plane in an easterly direction. A special radio had been installed in the front cockpit and Tommy sent the pre-coded message: All's well that ends well. The message was quickly acknowledged aboard the carrier and the return message was a simple course heading for Milo to follow. For the first time in several days, Tommy could feel the tension drain from his body. Let the fun begin.

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Meet Joe

Joe was born and raised in northern New Jersey and where he lived and worked the first half of his adult life. He graduated from Seton Hall Preparatory High School and received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering from Newark College of Engineering and his MBA from Seton Hall University.

The first thirty-four years of his business career were in the Aerospace and Defense Electronics industries as a Program and Marketing Management Specialist with Lockheed, held various executive positions at United Technologies in New Hampshire and Connecticut and served as Vice President, General Manager at Loral in San Jose, California.

Joe changed the focus of his career in the mid '90's when he assumed the leadership of marketing in the firm of Zenger Miller, and led the company's efforts to reposition itself as a business consulting specialist. In 1997, he became the COO of Quantitative Management Systems and restructured the company to expand its product lines and business base in dialysis billing.

Joe retired to Florida in late 1999 with his wife Jo Ann. They have three sons located in Florida, New Jersey and South Carolina.

His retirement was brief and Joe soon accepted a position managing a staff of golf course associates and assisted in the successful launch of a new golf course in 2006. Currently, he provides management consulting for the local golf course community where he lives.

He turned his attention to writing and in January, 2010, he published his first book, Extra Innings, featured here on this website. As he continues in his new career as a literary writer, Joe plans to concentrate his writing on fictional subject matter.

In his leisure time, Joe plays golf, gardens, bowls, and plays a musical keyboard and has traveled extensively around the world.

Conceived in Liberty | Born of Necessity | Extra Innings | The Puzzle

Reviews of Born of Necessity

Boschi, Joseph S.
The Incredible Plan to
Save our Nation

Oak Ridge Publishing (280 pp.)
$19.95 Paperback
$1.99 e-book
January 15, 2012
ISBN: 978-0984327096

A covert organization's next step after eliminating a key player in an anti-government association is the removal of the U.S. president from office in Boschi's thrilling sequel to Conceived in Liberty (2011).

The Dozen—a group of wealthy men recruited to bankroll the president's election in an effort to control the government—is struggling to investigate a member's assassination and the loss of a considerable amount of money. Meanwhile, the New Wave Patriots enlist Roland Southfield, the man behind the aforementioned mission, to make certain someone new is behind the desk in the Oval Office. Roland pools his resources, aided by Sharon, a former lover who works at the company once owned by a man Roland helped kill. Boschi's novel, which picks up where his previous title left off, presents much of the narrative by way of characters' dialogue. It's a somewhat unusual but quite effective approach, as it amply details the plot and advances the story. This choice functions thematically as well, the implication being that a constant exchange of information is more powerful than any weapon. The author enhances the novel with such nuances as an elusive mastermind (Penny, whom Roland has never met), tactical components known as "the magic potion and "the courier" and a double agent among the Patriots. The juiciest parts deal with Roland and Sharon, whose rekindling of their past romance is burdened by the fact that Sharon remains in the dark about Roland.

A political thriller driven by characters armed with knowledge.

* * * *

"Just finished reading it. Wow, what a great book. Loved every page of it. I read a lot of books kind of like this and this one ranks up there at the top. It was good how it built up to the ending. I kept waiting for something to happen to ruin the plan and it didn't. Of your 3 books this one is the one I enjoyed the most. Really a fun book for me to read."
- L.R., Sarasota, FL

"Great story; riveting and the unexpected; hard to put the book down."
- F.V., Cedar Knolls, NJ

"I found the book very enjoyable, well written and held my interest throughout. Can see the possibility of a third book and would love to see that happen. This book had a lot of twists and turns and did not disappoint."
- C.W., St Petersburg, FL

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Conceived in Liberty | Born of Necessity | Extra Innings | The Puzzle

Reviews of Conceived in Liberty

"Conceived in Liberty is great; can’t wait for the follow up book and see where the story goes!"
- Joyce G., Capitola, CA

"I just want to say how much I enjoyed reading this book. It was very well written and easy to follow. Had a great story line. Can't wait for the sequel."
- Cliff W.  Cleveland ,Ohio

"The story is intriguing and I enjoyed it; ready for the sequel!"
- Jim L, Franklin, NJ

"Thoroughly enjoyed the story from start to finish and the ending had me much surprised and delighted! I am looking forward to the follow on story."
- Gordon L, Lincolnshire, England

"I liked it a lot, especially the first part. You have a big knowledge about finances and some special ops stuff. I like reading books by Vince Flynn, Joseph Baldacci, Clancy and Robert Ludlum to name a few and I really admire your writing skills. I have lots of ideas about a book I would like to write but know I can't put it down like you."
- Les R., Manassas,VA

"While I enjoyed the entire book, I really liked when the site selection developed and the appearance of Tommy and Milo. Really really Great!!!! "
- Jim M., Charlottesville, VA

"Your style, attention to detail and creativity were packaged together for a great read; you have talent and a gift; looking forward to your next text."
- Edward W., Detroit, MI

"Great work on your book, Joe! Woo Hoo!!"
- Dawn W., Claremont, FL

"While 'Conceived in Liberty' is fictional it provides an eye opening glimpse of how fragile our republic is and how susceptible it is to those who would destroy it. You will find "Real Life" similarities as events unfold Chapter by Chapter. What starts as a 'Pie in the Sky' dream becomes a menacing threat. It was a compelling read for me and I look forward to reading the next two books of the "Southfield Trilogy."
- John Kost

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Conceived in Liberty | Born of Necessity | Extra Innings | The Puzzle

Reviews of Extra Innings

"Read it in one night. Had a good time matching book characters with real people."
- Cliff W., Cleveland, Ohio

"Always knew he would write a story some day."
- John D., Sayreville, NJ

"Great story and mixture of sports and business."
- Dave B.,Reading, MA

"Loved the story. My kids did too. They wanted to know how Mom got to meet this writer."
- Janet H., Syracuse, NY

"Joe has some imagination."
- Rich F., Sacramento, CA

"Loved the story. Can't wait for the movie."
- Jan W., Sturgeon Bay, WI

"Kept me interested the whole way."
- Noel J., Baltimore, M

"Wish I knew Theresa."
- Phil C., Deerfield Beach, FL

"I always knew Joe would write something this good."
- Marlene B., Santa Cruz, CA

"Loved that part three."
- Jim S., Buffalo, NY

"Brought back good memories."
- Gail S., Seattle, WA

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Reviews of The Puzzle

Boschi is certifiable....but fun to read."
Sleepy Hollow Press

"The Trilogy pulls no punches."
Rolling Acres Magazines

"Set a place at the annual banquet for Boschi and his characters."
New Writer Award Council

"At first, I couldn't believe some of the characters and story lines but then I picked up the Washington Post and I began to put names and faces together with Boschi's characters.
Andrew Woods

In the first book I really took a liking to and Eric and Raul, thinking they were really ambitious guys who wanted to make a mark in the world . Then I find that their mission was to destroy and control America . The twist and turns throughout the book were really amazing. Made it a great read. Loved the characters, Sharon and Roland, I was hoping they would get married. (maybe someday) After reading the first book, I couldn't wait to read the next and so on. You made politics fun, exciting and dramatic The sad part is I found it more factual then fiction . I would like everyone to read these books, just maybe they would see the light. You really nailed it.
- Lisa

Joe I read both Conceived and Born of Necessity. I thought they were good reads with the story and characters well developed. Both held my attention and interest. I enjoyed Extra Innings the most .All my friends have read this and they all liked it. This simply is a well written story ,an easy read with well-developed characters and an unexpected ending. You didn’t have to be a sports enthusiast to enjoy this book.
- Ray


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